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Minna Hint


Phone:  (+372) 55 660885


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2010 member of Estonian Artist Union

2003-2006 MA in Interdisciplinary arts, Estonian Academy of Arts

2006 exchange student at Hull Art Academy in Hull/England

1999-2003  BA in painting, Estonian Academy of Arts







2015: remake of the juiceperformance from the series “Gifts for Tartu Art Museum”  at freeshop/artspace “Kraam”  Tallinn/ Estonia

2015: artist-run-space/freeshop “Kraam” together with Killu Sukmit Tallinn/Estonia

2015:  “Gifts for Tartu Art Museum / Documentarian comes to help” series of works, consisting of readymade objects, videodocumenatation and  a juiceperformance at Tartu Art Museum / Estonia

2015:  documentary “III images of life and time” at “Youth as lifestyle” curated exhibition in Tartu Art Museum /Estonia

2015: freeshop/artspace “Suburbia Kopopoli” together with Kadi Estland Tallinn/Estonia

2015: exhibition “Hall of Power” with Liisi Eelmaa in Tallinn city gallery Tallinn/Estonia

2015: installation “2realities” at Nancy Nakamura Idea-shelf in Tallinn/Estonia

2014: installation “Hall of Power” together with Liisi Eelmaa at Rauma Biennale Balticum Rauma, Finland


2013: videoinstallation together with Jaanus Samma at Estonian Art Museum KUMU Tallinn/Estonia

2013: solo exhibition “This side up” together with Liisi Eelmaa at Sleeping beauty castle Tallinn Estonia

2012: videoscreening at Sinopale biennale Sinop/Turky

2012: videstory “Oh shit” groupexhibition “Exotic” Tallinn Arthouse Tallinn/Eesti

2011: photo-installation on a group exhibition “Family” at Märtz project space Tallinn/Estonia

2011: video-installation “Heard story” at an exhibition “Untold stories” at Tallinn Art Hall  Tallinn/Estonia

2010: documentary film "Cross national happyness" screened at Artis cinema Tallinn/Estonia

2010: readymade sculpture at a group exhibition in Pärnu City Gallery Pärnu/ Estonia

2010: young jurymember at African film festival in Tarifa/ Spain

2010: video-verse performance "Lewd room" together with Raquel Campuzano at Ladyfest Madrid/Spain

2010: "Inside or out"&"3 images of life and time" screened at a docfilmprogram "Society,dirt & satiety" Costello Club Madrid/ San Roque / Spain

2010: organizing a documentary filmprogram "Society,dirt & satiety" Costello Club Madrid/ San Roque/ Spain

2010: "Inside or out" screened at Tartu festival of visual culture "Worldfilm" at Athena cinema Tartu/Estonia

2009: “3 images of life and time” screened at a documentary workshop „Youth workoportunities - different angels“ Ankara/ Turky

2009: filmscreening and a discussion with the audience  through Skype in a project “Art Centre for Dismissed Employees” Tallinn/Estonia

2009: a series of sculpture and collage “Gloria I-VII” groupexhibition “Good luck” Tartu Arthall Tartu/ Estonia

2008: Interactive video-documentary “Quest” at Glynn Vivian Art gallery in Swansea/Wales

2008: video-installation “Hull faces” at a group exhibition “PortrEst” at Red Gallery in Hull/England

2008: one day Interactive perfomance  “ Just today- Minna Hint live” at a curatorial Artishok annual exhibition at Linnagallery Tallinn/Estonia

2008: “Stopover” exhibits documentaryfilm “Inside or Out” at a temporary exhibition space –caravan in Tallinn/Estonia

2008: curatorial exhibition „ Doings or Not“ shows documentaryfilm „3 Images of life and time“ at Ljubljana citymuseum in Ljubljana/Slovenia

2008: Rauma Biennale Balticum 2008 Flower power exhibits documentaryfilm “Inside or Out” at Rauma Art Museum in Rauma/Finland

2008: solo exhibition “Touch vs Conversation”(Interactive sightspecific perfomance and installation) Helleman tower in Tallinn/Estonia

2008: guest at a filmscreening and discussion "Artists antropologists" at Y- Gallery in Tartu/Estonia

2008: „Le Cinema Extraordinaire“  presents Minna Hint’s Films at NG Artcontainer in Tallinn/Estonia

2007: Pärnu XIII International Film- and videofestival  gives Grand Prix for the best estonian audio-visual art work “Inside or out” in Pärnu/Estonia

2007: POLITICAL/POETICAL curatorial exhibition of the 14th Tallinn Print Triennial  premiers documentaryfilm “Inside or out” in Arthall gallery inTallinn/Estonia

2007: XXI Pärnu filmifestival screens documentaryfilm „3 Images of life and time“in Pärnu/Eesti

2007: “New Wave. 21 century Estonian artists” screens documentaryfilm „3 Images of life and time“ at Tallinn Art Hall in Tallinn/Estonia

2006: videoshow „Story III/Ajasund“, together with Jane Remm, Linnagalerii inTallinn/Estonia

2006: solo-exhibition (photos) „Empty beaches“ Kloostriait in Tallinn/Estonia

2006: perfomance at Haapsalu horrorfilm-festival together with Jane Remm in Haapsalu/Estonia

2005: perfomance together with Jane Remm „Don’t breathe me to death“, perfomance-event „3-Minute Warning“ in Hull/England

2005: photo and room instalation „Labyrinth“ on Hull art & design degree show in Hull/England

2005: photo series on a Sleipnir-grantees exhibition  “Nordic Sense “at Estonian National Museum Tartu

2004: photo series on a Sleipnir-grantees exhibition  “Nordic Sense “at Maarja gallery Põlva/Estonia

2004: performance  “Homage “ in SoToDo gallery in Berlin/Germany

2004: photo-series on an international graphic-triennial  “You ain't seen me yet! “ Tallinn/Estonia

2004: groupexhibition  “Pre-position “ in Haapsalu/Estonia

2004: performance  “Sale “ in a shopping centre in Tallinn/Estonia

2004: silent group protest performance in a shopping mall in Tallinn /Estonia

2004: installation and performance  “ The deepest pleasure is…“ Viinistu festival in Viinistu/Estonia

2004: performance  “Shopping manifestation “ in SoToDo gallery in Berlin/Germany

2004: performance and installation on a group-exhibition  “My fatherland is my grace “ Tartu/Estonia

2004:  “Here and now “ group exhibition in Tartu/Estonia  

2003:  “Cabin Exchange “ project about communication in Scotland/Glasgow

2003:  “Mapping project “ (Environmental art) in Norway/Bergen

2003: International group exhibition in Finish Academy of Arts in Helsingi/Finland

2003: Kullo gallery Ydi group exhibition  “Thought, eye, hand “ Tallinn/Estonia

2003: In National Library of Estonia background exhibition for International Society for Education through Art Congress in Tallinn/Estonia

2003: Year 2003 Graduation Works of Estonian Academy of Arts in the Exhibition Hall Of Estonian Art Museum In Rotermann Salt Storage in Tallinn/Estonia

2003: EKA painting department's group exhibition  “Paintingparade “ EKA Gallery, recived the audience's favourite prize in Tallinn/Estonia

2003: Estonian painting overview exhibition  “Paintingparadise “in Viru Center Gallery008 in Tallinn/Estonia

2002: group exhibition of the fourth year painting students  “Flora “ in Haapsalu City Gallery in Haapsalu/Estonia

2002: duo- exhibition with Olivia Peenema “From eachother “ EKA gallery in Tallinn/Estonia

2002: Group exhibition of self-portraits in Pärnu theatre gallery in Pärnu/Estonia

2002: International group exhibition  “Non-excisting paintings “in Vilnius/Lithuania

2002: International group exhibition in Potsdam/Germany

2001: International group exhibition in Estonian Academy of Arts Gallery in Tallinn/Estonia

2001: Group exhibition with painting department students and tutors in Kuressaare castle Kuressaare/Estonia

1999: Group exhibition of Art oriented schools  “Voices and sounds “Kullo Gallery, recived a first degree price in Tallinn/Estonia

1998: solo exhibition in Old Town Educational College in Tallinn/Estonia


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